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  • Vet S.S Locking Plates and Screws

    Vet S.S Locking Plates and Screws

    We provide a comprehensive range of bone plates and screws in Stainless Steel and Titanium, which covers from 1.0mm to 4.5mm for any type of orthopedic fracture repair. We have DCP and LC-DCP, LC-DCP and TPLO plates, you could always easy to find plates your need. All of implants are manufactured in accordance with ISO13485.

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  • Pins and Wires

    Pins and Wires

    In our Pins and Wires section you will find a large selection of K. wires, positive pins and cerclage wires. All these pins and wires are manufactured under the highest quality control procedures, same raw material as we provided to human hospitals. You can be confident that materials received are of the high quality.

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  • Vet External Fixation System

    Vet External Fixation System

    We provide external fixators in ESF system and Meynard Clamps. ESF helps maintain joint mobility and use of the limb as well as providing a lower risk alternative to internal fixation where infection is present. Meynard Clamp is relatively more economic option when it comes to external fixation treatment.

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  • Vet Orthopaedic Instruments

    Vet Orthopaedic Instruments

    All our instruments are manufactured in accordance with standards of ISO1345. We specialize in designing and developing instruments to the exact needs of surgeons. Meanwhile, we also source high quality instruments/instruments components globally, offer a vast range of instruments with premium quality at affordable prices.

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  • Power Tools

    Power Tools

    Our high performance surgical power tools come as a complete kit and we design an unique sterilization case for each drill or saw set. They are autoclavable, portable and durable. We provide a fully comprehensive maintenance and repair service, the majority of which can be performed by our own technician. All our drills and saws are guaranteed with a one-year warranty.

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  • Vet Scientific Skeleton Models

    Vet Scientific Skeleton Models

    We’re happy to offer a comprehensive line of canine and feline skeleton models, ranging from canine femur models, tibial models, pelvic models, canine jaw models, feline jaw models, animal joint models, canine elbow anatomy models and animal skeleton models, ect. All of our models are anatomically correct and many features functional anatomical movement. Our veterinary models are great for students and veterinarians helping pet owners understand their pet’s anatomy.

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  • Sterilization Cases and Containers

    Sterilization Cases and Containers

    We use high-temperature resistant aluminum alloy or polymer material PPSU to manufacture our sterilization cases and containers. They’re beautiful, light, resistance and durable. The Kirschner wire case and the screw box have a large storage capacity. For example, locking screw box can contain up to 319 pcs screws, screws will not fall out when the box upside down. We also equip each power tools with a dedicated sterilization case. The grid design facilitates the penetration of water or steam, ensures the cleaning and sterilization effect, and realizes the integration of storage and sterilization.

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  • Vet Orthopaedic Instruments Set

    Vet Orthopaedic Instruments Set

    The range of our veterinary instrument sets are suitable for both small and large animals, include Mini/Small Fragment instruments, Small Fragment Instruments and Large Fragment Instruments. They are also suitable for specific procedures across a wide range of veterinary surgical specialties such as Meniscus Surgery Set, Sulcoplasty Instrument Set and Wire and Binding Instrument Set.

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